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Survey 2020

1st Baptist Church Family,

The staff & leadership of 1st Baptist Church is looking ahead to the fall schedule and considering what ministries are safe and effective and can be “re-opened.” Some of these things have already resumed cautiously, using online platforms to help with the practice of social distancing. The online platforms will likely continue in some form, but this questionnaire is specifically addressing the return of on-site, in person church activities.

We are asking that you prayerfully complete this survey by July 19.


We will continue using extra sanitization/cleaning and some social distancing practices during the continued pandemic. Participants in any program will not be required to wear masks but are encouraged to do so if they believe it to be necessary.

This is not an indication that ALL these ministries/programs can or will come back. These decisions will be based on safety, effectiveness, need, and the ability to properly staff them.
Thank you for your participation in this survey. Your input is very important to us in our decision-making process.

God Bless,
Bryan Trant