Date: July 2-7, 2018

Cost: $100
(Scholarships will be available. Please complete and return the “Youth Ministry Release Form & Scholarship Application” to be eligible for scholarships.)

Deadline: June 13
(for Registration & Payments)


Falls Creek 2018: Finish – Promo 1 from okskopos on Vimeo.

Check out this awesome trailer about this year’s mini-movie!


1STUDENTS is going to Falls Creek youth summer camp in Davis, OK. We’d love to have you join us. You should be able to find all the information you’ll need for registration below. You can fill out the pdf forms electronically, print them and submit them. Or simply use the forms included in the paper packet, distributed in the youth room. A paper copy MUST be submitted for registration to be complete.

***PLEASE NOTICE: On May 23, we will have our final regularly scheduled Wednesday night youth program before taking most of the summer off due to a busy schedule. (Don’t worry, we’ll have a couple of other activities throughout the summer, and we’ll make sure those are well publicized before we dismiss on May 23, and we’ll resume our regular Wednesday night schedule August 8.) On that final night of May 23, we’ll have a “Falls Creek Sign Up Party.” If you submit your payment and registration on or before that night, the $100 fee will only be $90.

Thanks so much for letting us walk alongside you in the spiritual development of your students. We count it an honor and a privilege. While we love to have fun, we take this responsibility very seriously and ask that you pray for us always.

In Christ,

Mike Bailey, Youth Pastor


*Registration & Information Files:



Youth Ministry Release Form & Scholarship Application FC2018

Falls Creek Student-Release-Form-2018




BLOOD DRIVEOn behalf of Pauls Valley First, we want to extend a big thank-you to all of the donors who rolled up their sleeves on January 25 in at our community blood drive.

Whether you booked an appointment, came in with family members to show your support, or just stopped because you saw our signs along the roadway, your time and donations are greatly appreciated.

Because of  your donations, and the help of the other volunteers, we were able to collect 19 pints of blood. Of course, the real winners are the patients in need of blood. Each blood donation can help save up to three lives. Your donations are truly appreciated by the blood recipients, their loved ones and all of us here at Pauls Valley First.

We hope that we will see everyone again at our next blood drive.Be sure to check our Facebook and web pages for an announcement about our next drive date. We are so grateful for your time, generosity and dedication to helping others.

Thanks again,

Pauls Valley First Staff


Kids camp 2018 info

• Modest clothing (see Dress Code below)
• Athletic clothing for sports Mctivities (Dress Code still Mpplies during rec)
• Closed toe shoes for the ropes courses
• Swimsuit (see Dress Code for MppropriMte suits)
• Bible
• NotepMd
• Pen or pencil
• Spending money for concessions
or gift shop »
• CMbin Items: »
» Pillow »
» Bedding
» Towels
» Hygiene products
» Sunscreen
» Bug SprMy
» UmbrellM
» FlMshlight
» RMin jMcket
• RecreMtion items
SkMteboMrd, helmet, Mnd pMds (FMlls Creek provides pMds if needed)
SoftbMll glove

Churches pMrticipMting in FMlls Creek should fully communicMte the dress code to students BEFORE they pMck Mnd Mrrive for cMmp. While we understMnd the desire for fMshionMble Mttire, we require you to weMr modest clothing. Modesty is M biblicMl principle Mnd helps keep people focused on the importMnt things Mt cMmp. (1 Timothy 2X9-10; 4X12) All MppMrel judgments will be left to the discretion of the FMlls Creek StMff (FCS). If FCS determines M cMmper or cMmpers should chMnge their clothing to fMll in line with cMmp requirements, then sMid cMmper or cMmpers Mre required to do so.
• Shoes must be worn Mt Mll times outside of your cMbin.
• AppMrel mMy not displMy or promote tobMcco, Mlcohol, controlled substMnces, or inMppropriMte lMnguMge or pictures.
• Under gMrments must MlwMys be covered by outer gMrments (i.e. No boxer shorts hMnging out or brM strMps showing).
• Midriffs should MlwMys be

• No spMghetti strMp shirts or dresses.
• No tMnk tops.
• No short shorts. At M minimum, shorts must extend to, or just beyond, the cMmpersʼ finger tips. • No tight fitting Mnd reveMling clothing. This includes leggings or similMr Mttire, which cMnnot be worn Ms pMnts.
• Girls mMy weMr dresses/skirts, but they must reMch the top of the knee.
• Girls should weMr modest one- piece swim suits. MMles should not weMr tight fitting swimming suits.
» While going to Mnd from the swimming MreMs, Mll cMmpers must weMr shoes; mMles must weMr M t-shirt Mnd femMles must weMr M long covering over their swimming suits


ss18 static

Congratulations! You’ve been invited to attend Super Summer 2018 with 1STUDENTS!

Super Summer is for students who are serious about advancing their personal spiritual growth and walk with Jesus.  To find out more about what Super Summer is, visit supersummerok.com/about.

If you’re interested in going, please complete this Application  & this Release Form and turn both of them in to Mike.  You’ll have a brief interview to complete with Mike as well.  The deadline is April 4 and the cost is $205.  If you want to go, but need financial assistance, please complete the “Scholarship Application” portion of the Release Form and talk with Mike.  Something can be worked out.